February 16, 2021

Artist Residency Round-up

Artist Residency Round-up

2020 was a difficult year for artists and creative folk everywhere. Thinking, making, playing, painting, choreographing and rehearsing were all relegated into whatever space we could make at home – bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens. It’s safe to say artists had to just make it work with whatever space they could find.

Luckily using some re-purposed funding support from Leeds Inspired and Arts Council England we were able to offer a series of artist residencies in both our studio and workshop at Scott Hall Mills. Following social distancing guidelines, we gave a variety of amazingly talented artists and makers a bit of space and time to be creative and play away from the home. We were so impressed with the creativity that we wanted to share with you a little peek at who we’ve had through the door.

Chris English

Chris is a quilt-maker making using a variety of colourful and reclaimed fabrics to create bold and graphics small and large-scale creations.

The Lovely Boys

The Lovely Boys (Joe & Mikey) are an alt-comedy gang who use clowning, theatre and lots’o’costumes to create hilarious, absurd and lovable characters.

Brink Dance Company / Howl Creative

Brink Dance Company / Howl Creative (Daisy & Arron) are a collective of northern artists working across dance, sound, digital art and animation to create multi-sensory performances with a thumping bassline.

Jake Evans

Jake is adance artist and drag performers who created theatre work deeply inspired by fashion iconography, voguing and art to explore queer identity, gender and much more.

The Ordinary People

The Ordinary People (Grace & Max) are experimental theatre-makers using clown, mime, puppetry, and more often than not, karaoke, to create experiences that conjure chaotic joy, a place which celebrates the ordinary-ness of us all

We love having artist using the space and can’t wait to open up the studio to more people in 2021. Watch this space.