Labled - Commercial, Film, Stills
Client - Missoni.
Giant mirror-balls, head-to-toe sequins and a set made from hundreds of paper flowers

The industry we work in can be so serious at times, and it was a pleasure to be able to play around and create something ironic and light-hearted, while still staying true to all that Missoni stand for


Lord Whitney acted as creative directors on this project with Rankin. Working from concept right through to set build and art direction, they led a team of costume designers, make-up artists and set builders to achieve a high-end but playful aesthetic. The concept came from being creative with personified patterns, staying true to Lord Whitney’s ‘see past the edges’ style.


Taking inspiration from Missoni’s signature zigzag pattern, the film tells the tale of a lonely Zig, trying to find her place in a world filled with polka dots, stripes, sequins and flowers. Unable to fit in with any of the other patterns, poor Zig ends up alone in an empty room. In the film’s final moments, Zag enters and the two come together, discovering they are the perfect fit, and in doing so, create Missoni magic.

The shoot took place in just one day, across seven sets in two London studios, and invites viewers into a world of giant mirror-balls, sequin jumpsuits and sets made from hundreds of hand-cut paper flowers.

Missoni has a unique creative flair, and it was this approach that was a real gift in the creation of this video, as the brand was unafraid to let me push that and create something slightly unusual, colourful and endearing…something noticeable for being like nothing else in the fashion world.


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Director & Photographer


Art Direction, Creative Concept, Set Design & Prop Making

Lord Whitney

Creative Director

Vicky Lawton