Client - Self Initiated Project.
Reinterpreting and making real the stories, myths and rituals of Yorkshire Folklore

The moor was still, poised at this midnight hour as if this extraordinary event had dispelled time

John Billingsley

‘The Lore of the North’ explores folklore and traditions from the North of England. Informed by a strong sense of connection to the landscape and its people, the rational for this project was to create magic and wonderment. Reinterpreting and making real the stories, myth and ritual of this incredible region.


Lord Whitney created exquisite sets that were based in fantasy but shot in reality. Carefully developed characters were photographed, on beautifully constructed sets as well as on location, in the magnificent Yorkshire Dales. Through extensive research, they were inspired to re-interpret the folklore and myth, developing a photographic exhibition and interactive book, where the reader chose their own path through the narrative.

The book was designed through a collaboration with graphic designer Amy Rodchester, to offer an inventive and playful way of experiencing a story. Subtly referenced motifs aimed to capture fleeting moments from an infinite myth; with Lord Whitney finding themselves acting as an omniscient narrator in a never-ending novel. The project was supported by Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts.

The exhibition took place in Leeds’ Colours May Vary in March 2014, giving audiences a chance to view the beautifully shot individual images in a gallery setting, before delving into the book for the first time. Lord Whitney are never happy to do anything half-heartedly, so the launch event welcomed guests with food from Food_&, drinks by The Social, and an incredible introductory talk by Folklore expert and social psychologist Stephen Sayers. Stephen became an important part of the project after he made an inspiring speech at an earlier Lore of the North event, ‘The Importance of Folklore’. It brought together a panel of experts in the field of Folklore and led to Stephen sharing his wealth of knowledge with us, and writing the book’s foreword.

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James Rhodes

Creative Concept, Art Direction & Set Design

Lord Whitney

Graphic Design

Amy Rodchester

Services included;

Concept, Creative Direction, Project Management, Set Design & Build, Event Planning and Exhibition Design