Client - St Vincent.
A neon pink quasi living space inverts the power of promo for St Vincent

More performance art than interview, surreal art-pop icon Annie Clark (better known as ‘St Vincent’)
wished for something different to promote her fifth album ‘MASSEDUCTION’. Lord Whitney built her an immersive and impactful space, a memorable experience for those who entered. Bold and intriguing, simple and striking, Lord Whitney embraced Annie’s playful approach to promo by bringing to life her multi-sensory ‘psychedelic womb’.


A small desk sits centrally within an entirely fluorescent pink cube, which can only be entered through a very small door. It is illuminated by 2 lamps, minimal and almost bare except for 2 precisely placed cups. A distinctive fragrance fills the air. Annie sits behind the desk, strikingly dressed and staring silently at her interviewer. Ambient instrumental sounds hum quietly in the background. It is a disorienting space, you feel slightly changed since entering.

The box was made to create unusual or even uncomfortable positions, to shake things up, to create different and unexpected reactions, to create a space for life changing conversation to take place. Annie is an artist in control of journalist, pioneering and truly creative.

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Services included;

Immersive Set Build