Client - Pulled Apart By Horses.
A clinical hospital setting for 'Pulled Apart By Horses', who try everything they can to stay awake and stop from slipping into the surreal 'other' world

Working closely with Pulled Apart by Horses, Lord Whitney directed and produced their music video for ‘The Big What If’. Inspired by Peter Tripps 1959 ‘staying awake record’ and his ‘wakeathon’ for 201 hours, the narrative sees the band taking part in a sleep experiment and battling the affects of sleep deprivation in a clinical but slightly surreal and timeless hospital set.


The band try to fight off imminent tiredness, taking desperate measures to fight off the powers of sleep, using match sticks to prop open eye lids and sellotape to tape back their eyes, getting slapped with a fish or stuffing piles of doughnuts into their mouths. As they begin to drift into moments of sleep, surrealism takes over…the video flitting between conscious and unconscious worlds. The band realise the only way to stay awake is to grab their instruments and play hard!

The style of the video nods to films like A Clockwork Orange, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and The Shining, but with a more modern and colourful twist. The surreal scenes take place against the epic Brutalist architecture of the University of Leeds, focusing on graphic shots and interesting angles which are lit by pink and green hues.

Working with LW on this project was an amazing team effort and a great meeting of minds. We didn’t give them a brief or tell them what we wanted, but every idea and theme explored within the project was perfect and reflected the track more than we could have imagined. The team managed to cram 4 days worth of ideas and shots into a limited one day shoot. I think that they could extend their title of ‘Connoisseurs of Make-Believe’ to ‘Connoisseurs of the Impossible’. We’re so happy with the outcome, their multi-talented team made the video shoot a total adventure!

Tom Hudson

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Director of Photography

Adam Conlan

Directed & Produced by

Lord Whitney


Tom Hudson

Tommy Davidson

Services included;

Concept & Direction, Art Direction, Project Management, Set Design & Props