Client - Lord Whitney & Jack Hudson.
Lord Whitney and Jack Hudson reimagine 1980s pop culture to create a series of outrageous, vibrant, fictional LP covers

There are few creative projects which are worthy of puns as conspicuous as Mock’n’ Roll, but fortunately Lord Whitney’s collaboration with Jack Hudson on this series of fictional record covers was a more than adequate match for the word play

It's Nice That

Mock ‘n’ Roll saw Lord Whitney team up with illustrator Jack Hudson to produce a body of work inspired by the most vibrant, iconic, and peculiar record covers of the 1980’s. Together they created an entire back catalogue of 80s inspired LP cover designs for a series of fictitious musical artists, including Bobby Cool Finger, Hank Doom and Karma Savannah.


This project was massively informed by creativity, play and people. It became a exercise in how far could they push an idea, create illusions and subvert popular culture. As well as listening to power ballads.

The project, like the era itself, is not only immortalised through its imagery, but through the songs that were directly inspired by it. Usually, visuals accompany music, not the other way round. The tracks that were made for this project are 80s-inspired pop music in its purest form – written without any constraints in the same way the artwork was created. If only there was an opportunity to take the project as far as music videos…

The project culminated in an exhibition of beautifully executed images as well 3D set pieces. Visitors traveled through a sonic time-warp where the most distinct sounds and sights of 1980s pop culture had seemingly been reimagined. Alongside the artwork exhibited, an album of 20 tracks was produced from a range of contemporary, established musicians, inspired by these outré artworks. There was lots of dressing up at the opening and someone drank wine from a pineapple. Doves cried and hair spontaneously permed.

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Photography credits: Lord Whitney

Creative Concept, Art Direction & Prop Making

Jack Hudson

Creative Concept, Art Direction & Prop Making

Lord Whitney

Event Photography

James Abbott Donnelly