Labled - Commercial, Film
Client - Chambord.
Anyone for a cocktail? There's no method in this madness...

Lord Whitney had the absolute pleasure of working with director Abbie Stephens and in a meeting of minds helped to create the props for this Chambord world organised by texture and colour.


A carefree and whimsical universe where instinct and humour override logic. We follow a fun and charming woman inspiring people to find fun in the every day – through her clever, playful way of creating delicious concoctions. The films feature a juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated objects, which required a complex and careful choosing of individual items to perfectly compliment the films’ beautiful aesthetics and colour palette. Be ready to get inventive with your cocktail implements – now how about those eyelash curler lime squeezers?!

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Prop Design / Art Direction

Lord Whitney

Set Design / Production Design

Ollie Hogan