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~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Question... Tell me what you think about me?

I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings. Only ring your cell-y when I’m feelin lonely. When it’s all over please get up and leave.

Enough said. Who exactly is Lord Whitney?

Some believe Lord Whitney to be a noble gentlemen, but in fact it is a studio set up by Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney, specialising in creative direction, set design, and art direction. Our team include expert designers, set builders, producers, animal trainers, glitter fanatics, taxidermy enthusiasts and obsessive hoarders.

What do you do?

We advocate play, curiosity and the make believe.

We understand design, crafting and the aesthetic.

We believe in people, our team, each other and you.

No really, what do you DO?

Actually we make and design all sorts, including huge set pieces and props for editorials, music videos, theatre, window displays…wherever there is physical space to fill we’ll fill it – with contraptions, collections and colourful sets.

How did Lord Whitney start?

We came together at the end of studying our degree in 2006, drawn to each other like moths to a paper-crafted flame. We shared the same sense of humour, an unflinching love of the animal kingdom and collecting and playing with whatever we could get our hands on. What initially began as a bit of fun has established itself into our brand. We set up under the name Lord Whitney in 2010, took over the top floor of an old mill and have never looked back.

You have a very tactile and playful approach to work how did this develop?

We’ve both grown up with a slightly weird fascination of objects. We’re obsessed with textures, shapes, colour, creating characters…We’re both really sentimental and fans of nostalgia, which means we get very attached to inanimate objects.

You do a lot of personal projects, why?

Playing is a massive part of what we do, and personal projects allow us to do that the most. Our own briefs have no limitations, so it really helps to expand our creative minds.

Who are your clients?

Our work is really varied – from sets for windows, editorials and installations, to film and live events. It means our clients vary from shops, theatres and bars, to brands, magazines and design agencies. There’s never a dull day at Lord Whitney.

Have you ever been asked to design a barmitzvah?

Yes, yes we have.

What is the best advice you would give to a graduate?

Working in the freelance industry after university can be a bit of a lonely world, so surrounding yourself with like-minded people with similar goals can keep you going, even in the toughest of times. Be nosey, go to exhibitions, events, gigs, festivals – don’t be afraid to say hello to people.

Was there once a bat trapped inside your studio?

Yes that’s Marcel.

Do you take interns?

We occasionally take on interns, who will work with us learning tricks of the trade for anything up to 6 weeks. These opportunities are rare as we’re still a small team. We also take on hard-working and skilled volunteers on certain projects for mass-painting, cutting and sticking and shifting sets and props. We’re really passionate about offering insight and advice to graduates, so we’re hoping to get some fun events up and running soon. Follow us on social media and sign up to our mailing list to find out more.

How many times a week do you play Chaka Khan?

At least 163 times.

Can I visit your studio/ask for life advice?

There’s nothing we love more than a good natter, meeting new people, hearing your childhood stories and feeding you with brews. However, running a studio full-time means just that – we’re cracking on with work sometimes 7 days a week, which unfortunately means we don’t have the time to offer up as many individual brews as we’d like. Stay sharp and keep a look out for events at our studio/beg your tutor to contact us for a group booking/turn up at our door in a home-made flamingo costume carrying gin-based gifts and we might just let you in.

Can I have a job?

Not right now…We’re a small team who has fairly quickly expanded from 2 to 7, but we’ll probably be keeping it that way for a while. We sometimes work with freelancers on specific projects, such as builders/photographers, so if you do have incredible super-skills like the ability to build some kind of giant ark (for all our animals) or can turn water into gin then drop us a line.

Rumour has it there's a Treehouse in your studio...?

We’re not usually one to encourage gossip, but yes, we do! Why wouldn’t we? Don’t you? It makes for a great lookout, party hangout and napping area.

What's this about a costume cupboard as well?

So, that’s not normal either?! It’s looked after by Eugene, it’s where we store our tiger suit, space helmet, Sheldon pants and many sequinned items.

Who's Mark?

He’s our studio fly, he’s a bit of an idiot to be honest.

We hear there's a prawn living in the wall of your studio?

Yeh that’s Tony the prawn and that’s his prison. Watch out, he’s pretty deadly!

Just who is Lorf Whitby?

We have no idea, but he sounds like a fun guy.

What's with all these Christmas cards?

Christmas is just the best time of year ever! So every year we do a studio Christmas Card. Sign up to our mailing list and you might be lucky enough to receive this festive treat.

Do you drop it like it's hot?

Haven’t dropped it to this day.

Have ever seen a drunk Horse?


How many of Lord Whitney's team own a mustard cardigan?

All of them, including Jonny.

Got any tips?

NEVER paint cardboard or foam board, ski suits make great winter paint-suits, nothing sticks to grease proof paper. Never trust someone who puts milk in before their cereal. Put some lotion in your motion and some slide in your glide. Be yourself, unless you’re a tiger. Then be a tiger.



If you have questions about Lord Whitney we hope they are answered here. If you need to know more please email us on [email protected].