Conkerthon 2016

17 October, 2016

Get ready to dig out your old 29er… it’s the Lord Whitney Conkerthon 2016!

Here at Lord Whitney we love a bit of seasonal nostalgia, so we thought hey, why not host a mass conker tournament here at our studio? We’re so excited to have the amazing Matthew Hodson joining us as the event’s ‘Conker Compere’ (or Conk-pere), so expect puns and poems a plenty! And as ever with us, a bit of nonsense along the way and a few suprises.

There’ll be conker competitors warm-ups (we don’t want any strained fingers!), winners prizes galore, a ‘Pimp My Conker’ station and much more – with one competitor lifting the coveted Champions Trophy it’s going to be a knock-out night!
Don’t worry, if you don’t make it to the final few there will be plenty to keep you busy – whet your whistle with wonderful drinks from our favourites, Sipsmith gin and Revolutions Brewing Co, and top up your game-energy with a hearty bowl ofThe Grub & Grog Shop’s seasonal stew.


Contestants are encouraged to bring their own conker, or you can chance your luck and choose one at random from our very own stash! (on a first come first serve basis) Whether it be a none-er a two-er or even a legendary sixty-two-er, who knows who will be crowned Conkerthon Champion 2016!
Each ticket includes admission to the event, entry into the tournament and a very special autumnal boozy beverage on arrival so get yours here!



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