~ Meet the Lord Whitney Team ~

Toe tapping and finger snapping

Streetwise and book smart

World Championship Tug-O-War Regional finalists 2018


Creative Directors Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney opened the studio in 2010. Since then, their infectious, creative energy and willingness for progress has developed into a much bigger creative team that includes producers, designers, set builders and assistants. Everyone in the gang shares the same passion for creative thinking, crafting and innovation. The interdisciplinary overlap of skills and knowledge that the core team possess, allow them to function as a highly effective unit in the delivery of diverse and ambitious projects. In addition, they also regularly collaborate with a wider network of external professionals in order to deliver large scale creative projects. Whether that means musicians, psychologists, engineers, taxidermists, farmers or druids.


We do a great conga and everyone is welcome to join in.


Amy Lord

Creative Director

Amy has been building things from paper and toilet rolls ever since she can remember. She is in her element when covered in paint and getting her hands dirty. Amy is stricken with an unhealthy addiction to glitter, sequins and all things shiny.

Rebekah Whitney

Creative Director

Rebekah has a crazy eye for detail, a penchant for daydreaming about animals and building worlds out of thoughts. We once nearly lost her to her imagination, but she resurfaced eventually. Rebekah's main goal in life is to be a cat trainer, obviously.

Lins Wilson


She goes by many names, some know her as Lanz Wildstone, others Gins Wilson, to the hard of hearing, Linda Williams? We just know her as Lins, our super-organised-creative-producer. She can make anything happen! Fetch the golden FiloFax!

Jess Ciantar


The day we met Jess we knew she was going to be a powerful part of LW. She left an idyllic life by the sea to come up north and join the team. Jess has the same mentality as Amy and Rebekah, she loves Chris Martin, bold patterns and a good sing along to show tunes!

Jonny Esgate

Set Builder/Designer

Jonny has many redeeming features, to name but a few - he's so tall he doesn't need a ladder (saves on van space) and he can make anything from 3x2! When we first met Jonny we talked about gin for an hour and how as a child he used to sleep with a toy hammer. He was instantly hired.

Aidan Liggins

Assistant Producer

Aidan, came to us with a plan for her own job and how she could help LW, so how could we refuse! She's been working her magic since day one, containing the excitable LW team within the requirements of H&S and important protocol. She also has an in-depth knowledge of cocktails, it seriously was a no brainer.

Rufus Newell

Set Build Assistant

Rufus is our right hand man in the workshop. When he's not waving around a hammer he is strutting around in a pink wig or donning his infamous burger-man outfit. Lesser know fact: Rufus is the only Leeds based Eminem impersonator. He's damn good at it too.

Hannah Wilson


Hannah is our unflappable, powerful and calming assistant. Hannah is currently completing her studies but is our go to lady when we need trusty hands and eyes. She also owns the best wardrobe at LW. Bubblegum pink coat paired with ostrich feather jumper – check!