~ Teaching, Learning and Wondering ~

Look at that colour. Imagine this space.
Try on these curtains. Paint shoes on your feet.


As a studio, we passionately believe in exploring playful, inventive and curious ways of creating new work.


These are the principles we are keen to pass on to students. We have great experience working with numerous Higher Education courses across the country, supporting young designers and artists, preparing them for creative life in the real world.


Our visiting lecturer programme includes practical workshops, discussions on post graduate activity and presentations on our own creative journey. In addition, we also deliver educational seminars and events here at our studio.


We see a real value in students seeing our talks in context, we love meeting new people and are keen to contribute to wider creative communities. We’re advocates of cross-disciplinary and collaborative approaches; it aligns with our own practice, working across creative industries such as fashion, theatre, visual arts, music, events and spacial design.


“Tired of podium posturing, Lord Whitney bring a fun, collaborative and nurturing approach to education. Put the kettle on and make a bigger hat.” –¬†Matt Hodson, Leeds College of Art